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Importation Business

“Discover How To Start Importing Cheap Products From USA, China and UK With Less Than #20,000

Capital And Nurturing It Up Within Month—- And Make Up To N220,000 to N350,000 Monthly – Risk Free!”


…No Business Premises; No Customs Procedures; No Huge Capital Outlay!
Pay close attention to what am about to pass across:


Dear Friend,

If you have been struggling to know the profitable business you can do that require small amount of money to start, then this will be the most interesting message you will ever read this week.


How Profitable Is This Business?

The fact is that, This importation business is lucrative and profitable as we are ready to teach you all what you don’t know from A to Z live in this package!!!


Is This Importation Business Real?

Am sure you might be doubting how real it is to start up an importation business with just small amount of capital and grow it up to huge amount of money. Lets see how real it is. Am going to show you real life proof using some few items you can buy and resell here in Nigeria.


brazillian hair

Take a look at the above wrist watch, The price is $6.79 and when you convert it to Nigerian currency, it will be N6.79X 160 =N1,086.4. Check the watch very well and see how quality it is….You can import this kind of watch at cheaper price and sell it at higher price of N2000 or more. Moreover, If you buy like 3pc’s, you will get this watch at $5 which is around N800.

Now Let’s Do the Calculation….


You ordered for 10 of this watch at the rate of N800, you sold it around  N2000..

You make  N1200 profit on each…is that not a Good biz? Now check your profit and how
much you will make if you order for more pieces using the profit.


Here is Another Proof


Take A Look Of Some Of The Cheap Products
That You Can Buy And Resell!!



importation image


Let see Another Proof

importation image2

The one above is an Android Tablet PC and it is the latest craze in town now though still over costly down here in Nigeria, the one above cost $60.99 which is N9882 in our currency and you can buy 1 pc and resell it here for over N40,000.I Personally sell it from N25,000 toN40,000 depending on the category of person am selling to, that’s what i do and am still doing it and it is selling hot.


Check This Out

phone imagess

The above is a 10 inch laptop Notebook selling for just $97.00 and the shipping cost is $65.89  but don’t worry yourself you are not going to pay the shipping fee as we will show you how to get rid of the shipping fee and let the supplier ship you the goods without charging you any shipping fee. you see that laptop above you can sell it for over N40,000 here in Nigeria but you gets it for $97 , is that not a Good biz? Now check your profit and how much you will make if you order for more of this Laptop.


What Is The Cost Of The Package?

Just N4000

Pay To

Guaranty Trust Bank

Account Name: Mustapha Lateef

Account Number: 0029288855



Account Name: Mustapha Lateef

Account Number: 2000455972


After payment send your teller number, your name, email address and the amount paid to : 08030728597 or


After bank confirmation, your package will sent to your email address in 24hrs.


Don’t Doubt or Procrastinate this Business.

This very legitimate


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